Product Detail

Antioxidant 1024

Product Code: K1813

Brand Name:  Runnox 1024

CAS NO.:  32687-78-8

Main content: 98%

Application:  Runnox 1024 is a metal deactivator and primary (phenolic) antioxidant. It contains 2',3-bis [[3-[3,5-di-tert-butyl-

                     4-hydroxyphenyl]propionyl]]propionohydrazide.   Provides unmatched extraction resistance and processing 

                     stabilization. Used for wire and cable resins, filled polyolefins and NBR fuel hoses. Runnox 1024 is also used 

                     in X-SBR, SBR, styrene homo-and copolymers. Its recommended dosage rate is 0.1-0.2%. 

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